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ALD & CVD Systems

Combine High-Speed ALD and CVD in One Chamber

Cutting-Edge ALD and Breakthrough CVD with Minimal Footprint and Low Capital Expenditure

Unlike any other deposition system on the market, Atomic Precision's ALD/CVD system is:

  • Compact – Minimized reactor volume for low gas residence time and faster gas exchange

  • Efficient – Shortest gas path length and gas flow stability for low pulse width

  • Versatile – Easily switch reactants in-situ

  • Safe – Generate hazardous reactants in-situ to reduce HazMat storage

And unlike any other system on the market, Atomic Precision offers ALD and CVD in one chamber, enabled via software switch.

Our ALD/CVD technology can be applied to a variety of novel applications including:

  • microelectronics,

  • compound semiconductors,

  • metallization,

  • flexible displays

  • lithium ion batteries

  • cutting tool coatings

  • and more

Atomic Precision is looking for technology development partners to bring ALD/CVD to the world market.


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