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Atomic Precision About Us Image by Laura Ockel


Who We Are

Dr. Prasad N. Gadgil, Ph.D. is Founder and CEO of Atomic Precision Systems Inc.  He has 25+ years of industry experience in ALD and CVD techniques including unparalleled experience in process development, reactor design and plasma physics. His background spans compound semiconductors, clean-chemistry, thin film photovoltaic solar cells, product development and project management. He holds six US Patents and multiple pending patent applications.  Prasad earned his MS in Chemistry from IIIT Mumbai and a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Simon Fraser University. 

Peter J. Dusza is VP, Technology Development at Atomic Precision and brings 30+ years of industry experience in semiconductor technology, business and sales development. He collaborated with Xerox PARC on CVD of amorphous silicon and developed amorphous silicon oxide barrier coating technology on plastic bottles for food and beverage packaging before joining Atomic Precision Systems. While with the Surface Science Group at Argonne National Laboratory, he designed and operated experimental systems to study the effects of energetic ion, electron, neutron, and photon impact on solid surfaces.  Subsequently he established a company in silicon-valley to help develop equipment for various thin film applications including thin film magnetic disk coatings for IBM, Komag, Domain Technology.  He previously negotiated worldwide contracts with IBM for hard disk sputter systems.   Pete earned a BS in Physics from Illinois Institute of Technology and holds one US patent.

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