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Custom Process Chemistries

Bring Your Chemistry to Life With Atomic Precision

With 60+ Combined Years of Experience, We Expedite Your Idea From Stoichiometry to Reality

Atomic Precision Custom ALD CVD Chamber Process Chemistry
Metal ALD

Unlike any other system, Atomic Precision's ALD systems allow for the deposition of pure and mixed metals for metallization in semiconductor and microelectronic devices. Instead of choosing slow, uneven and limited sputtering systems, step up to Atomic Precision metal ALD. Choose the metal best suited for your application and deposit layer by layer to your desired thickness, all without the need for CMP.

Custom Chemistry

If you have an idea for a material you would like to deposit or manufacture, we would like to help. We have worked with Fortune 10 companies developing custom chemistries for their most difficult technical challenges and we are looking to work with you!

In addition to 60+ years of chemistry development, we have the following technologies to help bring your idea to reality:


  • In-situ Generation of Reactive Gaseous Precursors

  • Low Volume Slot Valve for Deposition Systems

  • Reactor Wall Temperature Control in Semiconductor Processing

  • Apparatus for Direct Injection of Liquid and Solid Precursors for Vapor Phase Thin Film Processing 

  • Patented Pulsed Linear Microwave Plasma

  • Vapor Phase Level 1+ Metallization Gap - Fill

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